How we Met…

The uniqueness and timing of the way we met points to such an infinitely, creative God. Reflecting on the way the Lord has drawn us both into relationship with himself and then with each other is one of the sweetest gifts.

After finishing service of 3.5 years in Niger, Rachel made her way to the UAE to visit her best friend – Ashley Rose (Maid of Honour) – and to also part-take in some rest and renewal. One day while Rachel was visiting Ashley at work, Fountain was also visiting the office and had a meeting with Ashley. When their meeting concluded, Fountain and Rachel were properly introduced. It was in this moment that Fountain amusingly shared that he was Indian and Rachel shared that she was coming from Niger, which in reality neighbours his own home country, Nigeria. This information interested Fountain, and he was immediately fascinated to learn more about why an American girl would move to Niger and live there for so long.

The keen-ness turned into mutual affection over numerous, intentional dates during Rachel’s first trip to Dubai. Rachel and Fountain continued to date long distance, making communication hard at times, but also sweet as the Lord provided opportunities to be more focused on talking about important things. With love, support, and counsel from the local church community in Dubai, Rachel picked up and moved to Dubai in August 2019 after numerous trips back and forth.

The Proposal…

“You’ll never have a better birthday in your life…”

On the 12th of December, Rachel had a regular workday, and she thought that Fountain also had a regular workday. Because it was Rachel’s birthday, they had already planned to celebrate together over dinner in the evening. Fountain surprised Rachel by taking her to her favourite spot in Dubai, the Farm in Al Barari. When they arrived, they sat at the table they were seated at before. The waitress kept forgetting to bring the menus, and when she finally did it read Romantic Dinner for Two.

As the first course was served, Fountain asked Rachel how she experienced the Lord’s grace throughout her past year of life. After she reflected a bit, Fountain reached into his pocket and pulled out an envelope with a letter. Fountain insisted Rachel read it straight away. Throughout the letter there were a variety of emotions triggered by the words. Wiping the tears away, Rachel laughed reading funny moments during their dating period. When she finished, Fountain had motioned that there was something to be seen in the distance.

Because they were waiting for the next course, Fountain suggested walking over to the bridge to see the lights in the evening. While walking over to the bridge, Fountain greeted the manager leaving Rachel quite confused as to how he knew her. Concluding to move ahead, Rachel noticed the beautiful candles lit along the pathway and string of lights spun around the railings of the bridge. At the centre of the bridge was a table set for two. Hesitant to proceed, Rachel pulled back, and Fountain invited her to sit. Immediately the staff came with their belongings from their original table.

Fountain then reached under the table for a birthday present. It was wrapped quite tightly. Rachel struggled a bit to open it as Fountain said, “Remember how you wanted a watch…?”. Thinking that he went through all this trouble for a watch, Rachel remained calm as Fountain opened the box and got down on one knee and asked Rachel to be his wife. She said, “YES!”

Following dinner, Rachel and Fountain drove over to a friend and elder’s house for “wine and cheese.” When they arrived, Rachel was completely surprised to be surrounded by all her closest UAE friends! Fountain had organised a surprised birthday/engagement party. It was a special night and the best birthday celebration, ever!